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Achievers - building and maintaining a Design System

Through building this design system, Achievers products are able to go from design to development with speed and accuracy.

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Atomic Design

Plenty of research and documented experiences have proved the benefit of Atomic Design, a term coined by 'Brad Frost'. With this research I was able to take the best learnings from organisations such as, Sales Force, IBM, Intuit, and Shopify.

I took these learnings and developed practical steps for integrating design system elements into products and features. This involved collaboration between several stake holders such as, product owners, sprint & agile coaches, department leaders, engineers and product designers.


To manage the adoption process, communication and feedback was key. I did this largely through a design guidelines website and organizing workshops with engineers & designers.

Communication was tailored depending on the audience to achieve practical outcomes. With stakeholders who operate outside of design & development, I communicated cost and time saving benefits to maintain confidence and long term buy-in.

Component Library

A major pillar of this design system is the internal component library. I stayed very close with my development counterpart to maintain a 1 to 1 parody between the code and design library.

This allowed teams to estimate development time for new features and stories with high accuracy.


To ensure the end products would be compliant with accessibility legislation, I baked the latest accessibility standards from WCAG into all levels of the design system. This includes typography, colour, spacing, and HTML semantic. For mobile native platforms, an equivalent option for semantics was used to ensure screen reader compliance.

These standards were then packaged and distributed through design tokens and reusable components to eliminate errors when scaling across products and platform.

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